Karna Ohlsdotter, 1749

Karna /Ohlsdotter/
Married name
Karna /Pährsson/
Birth 1749

MarriageAnders PährssonView this family
1769 (aged 20 years)

Birth of a daughterHanna Andersdotter
1772 (aged 23 years)

Marriage of a childTruls PerssonHanna AndersdotterView this family
1794 (aged 45 years)

Birth of a granddaughterElna Trulsdotter
1799 (aged 50 years)
Death of a husbandAnders Pährsson
1804 (aged 55 years)

Marriage of a granddaughterNils AnderssonElna TrulsdotterView this family
1818 (aged 69 years)

Death of a daughterHanna Andersdotter
1827 (aged 78 years)